Surface-mounted/suspended busbar for track lights TRX001-111W

Maytoni PM00061636 4251110047171

Single-phase two-core track bus duct for Maytoni Single phase track lighting system is designed to supply electricity to track lighting fixtures.

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Single-phase two-core track bus duct for Maytoni Single phase track lighting system is designed to supply electricity to track lighting fixtures. Due to its design, the busbar can be cut in any place, which allows you to assemble a track system of the required length, and additional accessories will help to embody and any shape. Suitable for overhead and suspended mounting. Luminaires can be easily moved along the track. Available in sizes 1, 2 and 3 meters. Power entry and blanking plug included. White colour.

Style: Maytoni Technical
Brand: Technical
Collection: 1 phase track system UNITY
Product Type: Surface/suspension busbur trunking
Weight: 0.4000 kg
Packaging height: 2.00 cm
Packaging width: 3.00 cm
Packaging depth: 100.00 cm
Lighting fixture height: 20 mm
Weight incl. packaging: 0.4100 kg
Lighting fixture width: 33 mm
Lighting fixture depth: 1000 mm
Packaging volume: 600 cm³
Logistics Gross Weight: 0.4 kg
Logistics Net Weight: 0.36 kg
Indoor Usage: +
Warranty: 3 years
Track Type: Single-phase
Series: Busbar trunkings Unity
Length: 100 cm
Body Material: Aluminum
Body Color: White


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